It was in the middle of July

When you were plucking flower petals

As if you were flicking the strings

On a guitar’s chest in an unchained melody


You asked if I loved you


If I loved you not

I said I wasn’t sure

I didn’t know the words to your song

But you spoke in legato

And I dived into your orchestrated vibration

You made me promise to keep our lullabies between us

But I wanted the world to hear the beauty

That was lodged in our throats

I wanted everyone to know I was yours 

You were the lingering growl of a cymbal’s struggle

And I was a piano’s tremble

We would clash and clang

In a fluctuated force

This was one musician’s dream

That was anything but stable


So we succumbed to a harmonious defeat

I couldn’t love someone who wanted a solo act

And a fan girl on the side

I couldn’t love someone who was bankrupt with selflessness


It’s September now

And I still think of you when I hear the acoustic whisper of a guitar

Your fingerprints still stain me

As if my body memorized the chords you’d play before I slept


Were a musical beauty

And there are days where I wish we became more than that

She was a tsunami of ambition

And would rain whenever asked if she would like to dance

He was born a city;

With lights in his eyes and a whirlpool in the way he walked

But God,

Did he just want her to crash down on him

He would promise her a shipwreck in her hair

If they were ever to create debris

But she couldn’t live in a house made of wood

And eventually the boats in her braids would sink into the ocean floor

He threw seashells at her window one night,

Only to her the roar of her waves kissing someone else’s shore

And like a hurricane’s loving aftermath,

His smile suddenly collapsed

I didn’t text you today
I made you wait
Like a proposal in a letter
With the question mark lingering on the adhesive edge of an envelope
And the love note patient for a warm handed “Yes”
But I never lifted a finger
I knew my knuckle wouldn’t build a bridge to a diamond
Because you’d evaporate from having waited too long for rain in this drought
My mother always said that
Lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice
And when I told you that
You said that you were thunder instead
You never danced around the sky
You only clapped along to the rhythm of the water slapping the pavement
Because it was easier to love aggressively than to love quickly
It was easier to make someone feel the way a song makes you feel
You were the only natural orchestra I wanted to listen to

i. i am a walking apology,
handing out sorries like tissues
as if I’m trying to soak up this ocean of a mess
that I’m drowning in
but there’s too much sea salt in my veins
that my wounds are overflowing with tears

ii. i miss the way your sunflower printed palms
would sow seeds into my pores

iii. sometimes I wish I smoked
so that the cancer would
kill me faster than my thoughts would

vi. my past is my shadow
and it mimics my strut and swagger
like the grim reaper
waiting for my surrender

v. i miss how your starry eyed gaze
sent wishes to the moon whenever you looked at me
and how the earth would rotate according to where we stood
because the sun always shined
whenever i was with you

I was never graceful
I always walked into walls,
spilled food on myself
and tripped over air

Maybe I never learned how to fully encompass my motor skills
or maybe I just fell in love with gravity all too often
Then, gravity must have loved me back when
I let myself tiptoe across a tightrope in the ripeness of March

I remember how steep the fall looked
and how the bottom burned with flames of danger.
I remember loving the challenge and
confusing adrenaline with infatuation.
I remember how bravery carried me halfway through the trip
but fear made me slip

I thought I carried more weight than I should’ve
When I realized that the burden was myself
It was a balancing act I couldn’t keep up with for long
I remember holding onto the rope
and how my palms sweat with selfishness

I thought the world revolved around myself
and at the time, I believed that it could fit in my hands
I lost myself on the way down
and was blindfolded with darkness
as if the Devil’s temptation was gravity itself.

The only thing I could hold onto was faith
as if believing was going to make me fly again
I wanted to return to Neverland
Three months later,
I slammed against the pavement
and my gasp ricocheted back into my chest
Air exploded inside of me
It was like the solar system was reborn in my lungs
and I remembered how to breathe again

The climb up was steeper than the fall
and the stairs have never been so slippery.
I had lessons learned in my back pocket
that looked like invitations to learn again
and carried courage like a backpack.

I dared to crawl across the tightrope again
This time, with grace in the way I walked
and elegance in my posture.
I placed one foot after the other with caution
as if my footsteps were beading together a rosary
and I was the prayer
I wanted God to answer me
Maybe His hands could hold my world instead
since there is no gravity on this planet anymore

To the boy I almost loved,

It was in the middle of April
when you blew the dust off my skin.
You saw that the cursive cracks in my porcelain
spelled out your name with jagged edges.
You’ve held onto my pieces with your pinkies
like this was the first puzzle you promised to complete
but you thought you saw enough of the final product before you started another one.

I’m not sorry that my corners have cut you
because you made the first incision a deep one.
In fact, your apologies are bloody with overuse.
They have stained my being and
are the closest I’ll ever get to having permanent scars.

I know that I am not the only glass doll in your hands.

Your fingers decided that her fragility was more beautiful than mine
because she was vintage;
dirtied with history and bruises you’ve shared with a story stapled to each
while I was brand new.
She was worth more than I was.
A limited edition collector’s item,
only to exist until the summers of June
but you knew that I would always be waiting on the shelf.

You said you had a hard time letting go
and I never understood what that really meant
until your mouth said you did but your grasp said you didn’t. 

I should fall between your hammock-threaded grip
but the gaps are too tight for me to escape.
You love her with words but envelop me with actions.
You’ve made her your queen
but you continue to treat me as if I belong in her place instead.
I’ve reminded you that I’m not fit for royalty
and I can’t be your Cinderella if someone else fits the shoe better than I do.

Even when the clock made love to midnight
and you had made your decision,
you still chased after me with a drunken swagger
since indecisiveness gave you liquid courage
to love me harder than you did at 11:59

You should know,
that you can’t pour love into two different cups at the same time
but the imprint of your mouth still embraces the lip of my glass.
and as much as I should wipe it clean
I can’t.

To the boy I almost loved,
I still do.

Today, my classmate stated that
Alaska has the highest suicide rate
due to the colder climate

and I remember I was sitting against a concrete wall
that felt like it was loved by Alaska
when you told me she had your heart.
My chest did somersaults into my stomach
and I’ve never been one to take leaps of faith but
that was the closest I’ve ever been to jumping off a bridge.

I pushed my pinky and thumb to the sky
with my fingerprints pressed against one star to the next
and I told you that this was how you measure the distance between stars.

I said that the length from point A to B
was the equivalent of 1000 lightyears
and maybe it took that long for me to get to you in another lifetime.

I remember how you were always at the same place
and same time as I was
and how it meant nothing then
but a sign now.

I was always told not to believe in destiny
because the universe would take care of it
but I think this is the closest I’ll get to believing in fate.

So we performed for the cosmos
where the hilltops could barely brush its lips
against the skies
and the city lights applauded for us.

I remember how careful your hands were
when they encased my waist
as if you were the only art gallery that could own this masterpiece
and how I never could love an artist
but I so badly wanted you to trace my skin with yours.

You pirouetted into my chest with the way your gaze painted words unsaid into mine
and I remember how your nose felt when it tickled my own
 then you exhaled the word ‘patience’ between our mouths.
You weren’t ready for fireworks on our lips
but I was eager to know how an explosion would feel like.

I bookmarked an article
on how to cure stage fright
as if fear was a sickness

It said that it was simply
'mind over matter'
as if I’m supposedly mental
They’re probably right
if I’m being diagnosed by an online author

I suppose that means
people with claustrophobia should be hospitalized
in ballrooms or auditoriums
with space bars lining the room like tapestry
because that’s all they really need and
living in a box would probably kill them

Arachnophobians would be rehabilitated in air tight chambers
because anything that tickles their skin
that doesn’t feel like it’s human would give them a heartattack

Patients diagnosed with achluphobia
would rather die and see the light today
and would rather make love with flashlights
than have the lights turned off for a few seconds
but say that it’s because he wants to see your orgasm face a little clearer

So that means there’d be medication for sweaty palms
and a vaccination for s-s-stuttering
during presentations about speech communication
and irony
but the only language I wanna learn is your body
and you’d be the only solution I’d need.

Your skin is the only bravery in a bottle
that I would crave to consume
and your eyelashes are the only needles
I’d want to be injected into me.

And even when the moon is full
and it’s the dead of night
you’ll cling on to the repetition of my words
and the clashing of my syllables
You’ll say that it’s the most hypnotizing sound you’ve ever heard
and tell me
that my fear is beautiful.
Then I’ll be cured.

What if men had periods?

They’d crave chocolate cake from Costco

They’d refuse sex and avoid swimming pools

then say their manboobs are tender

Their tampons would be Q-tips

They’d have violent cramps like earthquakes on their insides

and say that it feels like they’re

pushing a watermelon through their urethras

 They’d feel constipated more than usual

and crave more Marzipan chocolate

They’d go to sleep with clean sheets

but wake up laying on a Japanese flag

they’d get weepy over TV

and burst into tears when their girlfriends confront them about silly little things

like washing the dishes

 or actually flushing the toilet

They’d have their hair tied up

and won’t bother with manscaping

they’d be the ones to worry about birth control methods

and would refuse to wear white jeans

Actually they wouldn’t wear jeans at all

They’d complain that they feel bloated

and prance around in their granny panties

then crave more chocolate

They’d have ghost pangs of labor in their cramps

and weep over old pictures out of happiness

They’d cuss out every driver on the road

and flash their finger around as if they just got engaged

then threaten to smear their

used q tips on their faces

They would endure whispers of

 oh God, it must be that time of the month

and when they get passionate about something

or don’t feel like dealing with somebody’s shit

the Government would be shut down for days

and wars would be started over who got

the last shipments of chocolate ice cream

And men always said that they wouldn’t trust anything

that bled for 7 days and still lived